What is LifePreserve?

LifePreserve is a unique arrangement of insurance and financial wellness services that, in all, provide important information and support needed before, during and after an illness or injury that may cause you to miss work.

LifePreserve plans are designed to give our customers access to financial wellness counselors to help get your questions answered on a range of topics from budgeting to student loans, and Income Protection Insurance coverage to enable you to help pay your bills during a temporary disability.

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How LifePreserve Protects Your Income

What would you do if you got hurt or sick and had to miss even one paycheck? Could you continue to pay your bills and maintain your lifestyle? LifePreserve gives you access to financial counseling and disability life planning experts to help you feel more confident and prepared for an unexpected illness or injury that keeps you from working. A LifePreserve Income Protection Insurance Policy provides needed income by paying cash benefits if you’re sick or hurt and unable to work, for up to 6 months.

Sometimes called "Paycheck Protection," our LifePreserve Income Protection Insurance Policy helps make sure you have some money coming in case you're not able to work due to illness or injury, so you don't have to tap into your safety net. The disability experts at LifePreserve will provide claim assistance to help you identify and apply for all benefits for which you may qualify and guides you through a stressful and confusing experience. If your illness or injury lasts longer than 6 months, your LifePreserve Income Protection Insurance Policy has a Social Security Disability Assessment benefit built in to provide disability life planning services and determine your likelihood of qualifying for additional social benefits.

LifePreserve gives you the tools to help manage these major threats to your income.




While everyone else just sells you a policy, LifePreserve’s unique combination of services and insurance benefits provides you with a true income protection resource. We combine financial advice, income protection insurance benefits and disability advocacy to provide you what you need to manage a temporary loss of income.

There is nothing else like it. Experience the peace of mind that LifePreserve provides.