As a member, you're invited to save on prescriptions, lab testing, and hearing care through Genius Health Savings. You're all set to save: scroll down to find the savings you're looking for below.


With Genius Health Savings, you'll enjoy:
Savings up to 80% on prescriptions — both brand-name and generic.*
A free hearing test to determine your hearing health needs.
10% off of lab tests you can order online — doctor’s order included.
A location tool that helps you find the most affordable prescriptions near you.
Savings for your entire household.
Up to 55% off of hearing aids from top hearing aid manufacturers.

*Based on 2017 national savings data

Go to GeniusRx to print your card and compare prices. On the app, use invite code 1063.

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Save on a wide selection of secure lab tests without visiting a doctor. Use promo code GHS1063.

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Get a free hearing test and save on hearing aids and special services with

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Frequently Asked Questions

▾   Genius Health Savings is free?

Yes! It’s completely free to sign up for this health and wellness discounts program and with your membership you’ll gain exclusive access to discounts on prescriptions, lab tests, and more.


▾   What is included?

A Genius Health Savings membership includes:


  • A prescription savings card through GeniusRx, which provides access to discounts on popular name-brand and generic prescriptions at over 62,000 pharmacies nationwide
  • Discounts on hearing aids and other hearing care, including a free hearing test
  • Discounted lab tests that you can order online

▾   I already have health insurance–do I need this?

Even with insurance, you can still have expenses when it comes to medical care. Genius Health Savings can help you save a little bit here and a little bit there—and those savings add up! In some cases, your GeniusRx card can save you even more on a prescription than your insurance provider can.


▾   Does it expire?

Nope! You are able to use your Genius Health Savings discounts for life.


▾   Can I share it?

Yes! We encourage Genius Health Savings members to share their discounts with friends and family.


▾   How do I sign up?

As a member of your company’s marketplace, you’re already signed up to save! Simply visit the links on your Marketplace site to access your different discounts. Note: this only applies to free products. You will need to create an account to sign up for any premium product offerings.


▾   Where are my products? How do I access them?

Your products are listed under the “Products” or “Bundles” drop down menu. From there, simply click on the product or bundle you’re looking for. There, you’ll be able to find more information and a link to your discounts.